Connecting business owners with affiliates.

Getaffiliated is an online marketplace for business owners and affiliates. Easily find each other and get your affiliate marketing started in 5 minutes flat!

Affiliate Platform in 5 minutes


Create an account with us and link your Stripe account. We will automate paying out affiliates if your customer has been referred.

saas affiliate campaign

Add compelling campaigns to wow affiliates so that they start promoting your product or service. You decide the affiliate commissions and how long you want to pay them. Your campaigns will be visible to thousands of affiliates in our network.

Pay Affiliates

Pay affiliates only when you have a successful charge from a customer that has been referred by an affiliate.

Affiliate Directory

Browse though our affiliate directory and you can invite affiliates to join your team. Filter affiliates based on your industry and network size to grow your business.

For Affiliates


Create an account with us and link your Stripe account so that you can get paid. All payouts are fully automated with Stripe Connect so that you can focus on marketing.


Browse though campaigns and promote those that are attractive and in your niche. You can select any number of businesses that you would like to promote.

Get Paid

Get paid every time your referred customers pay the business. We will pay you as soon as there is a payment from the customer that you referred.


Simple transaction based pricing.


No credit card required.

Pay transaction fee only when you get paid.


Business Owner 

How does the Stripe Affiliate Marketplace integration work?

All you need to do is authorize getaffiliated to access your Stripe account. This is all that is needed to setup a complete affiliate marketing platform and also manage the commissions paid out to your affiliate partners. 

When do I get charged?

You will get charged only when you convert a referred customer to a paid account. getaffiliated would look at your campaigns and charge you the agreed commissions and payout your affiliate instantly. 

How much am I charged?

Let’s say you a customer subscribed to a 99.00$ plan and you have decided to pay your affiliate 100% of the first month invoice, then getaffiliated will charge you 99.00$+4.95$ to your card. 99$ to be paid to the affiliate and 4.95$ would be getaffiliate’s 5% commissions. We collect our 5% transaction fee for every payout towards your affiliate based on your campaign setting. 

Am I changed for all invoices for a referral customer?

You are only charged if your campaign decides to pay your affiliate. Let’s say your campaign is set to pay your affiliate for the first 3 invoices, then getaffiliated will collect the commissions and the transaction fee only for the first 3 invoices. 

How are affiliate link clicks verified?

Getaffiliated runs advanced algorithms based on AI and machine learning to detect fraud. Moreover, affiliate partner payouts are only processed once you have a new customer and subscription. 


How do I get affiliated with a client?

You can browse hundreds of companies that are listed with getaffiliated. Once you see an offer you like, you can request the business owner for access to their product affiliate links.

When do I get paid?

You are paid as soon your your referral has paid your customer. If a referral is on trial, you will get paid only after the trail has been converted to a paying account for your customer. 

How much am I paid?

Getaffiliated charges a 5% transaction fee. If the business you have affiliated with decides to pay you 10% commission on the first invoice for a 100.00$ monthly subscription. Then getaffilaited will pay you 9.50$ and deduct 0.05$. All payouts are instant and will be available on your connected Stripe account. 

What if a referral comes back later? 

If your referral has clicked on the affiliate link just once, they will be treated as your referral even if they come back later directly without the affiliate link.

How are affiliates guaranteed their commission payouts?

Get affiliate routinely runs checks on commission  configurations to ensure that everything is setup correctly. Moreover all payouts are in realtime as and when your business partner is paid by their customer that you referred.