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Having to work from home and earning handsome money is a dream for every to-be entrepreneur. You could land yourself in a comfortable position, financial-wise by earning passive income through affiliate marketing. Imagine earning tons of profit even while sleeping!

What is Affiliate marketing?

Starting with the broad term of affiliate is the right step for beginners. Affiliate marketing is considered one of the oldest yet ever-evolving money-earning practices. The marketing practices earn an affiliate a commission whenever he makes a sale through his recommendation, using his website.

It is considered a cheap way to be an entrepreneur as you do not get to sell, create, or design a product of your own. All you have to do is build a linked connection between the seller and the buyer and take your commission on every sale your make.

Affiliate marketing is entirely based on revenue-sharing. If there’s a product you want to sell, you can offer the affiliates and promoters incentives based on your affiliate program. Whereas, if you are starting as an affiliate, you can choose to promote a valuable product and earn passive income.

How to start affiliate marketing to earn money?

To get started with affiliate marketing, there are two things that you need to do:

  • Choose affiliate products to promote
  • Create a blog or a website to promote the affiliate products

Creating a blog or a website to promote affiliate products

The very first thing you need to have is a website. A web designer charges a lot for making custom websites. However, we recommend using WordPress if you are short on budget. WordPress is a user-friendly platform where you do not need programming skills to launch your website.

Within minutes, you will come up with a highly-responsive website. It has a wide variety of plug-ins and tools to help your website perform better. WordPress provides a bunch of functionalities including a better user experience as compared to custom websites.

Now that you have built your website, it’s about time to decide on the affiliate products you’re going to promote on your website.

Choosing affiliate products to earn money

You must have done enough research to choose a niche. If you have already selected a niche, choosing relevant affiliate products should be easy. The product you choose must relate to the niche and the content present on your website.

A good way to select profitable affiliate products is to join an affiliate program. These networks connect novice affiliate marketers to merchants so both parties can make money. Novice affiliate marketers rely on these businesses for better product selection.

Joining an affiliate channel allows you to access data on how well the product sells in the market. you can utilize the data to increase affiliate sales as data-driven decisions are better than going with your gut. Other than that, the data can be used to change and optimize your affiliate marketing strategy.

Now, that you have selected affiliate products in your niche and created a responsive website, it’s time to dive into the right way to make money with affiliate marketing.

Making money with affiliate marketing

Monetizing your website for affiliate marketing seems like an over-night task but you have to go by the checklist and complete all the steps. Here is the right process to get started:

Curating content that generates profit

To make easy money, most novice affiliate marketers publish unwelcoming and random content and insert affiliate links that direct to the buyer’s product page. Relevancy in content is the first thing to make you sales.

The affiliate marketing strategy that you have in your mind might or might not work but if you want to boost the revenue, you need to curate engaging content that reaches a wide base of audiences.

Curating relevant content gives you an idea of the target audience. It is a way to persuade potential buyers to complete the buying journey. As an affiliate marketer, it’s your responsibility to address the solution, issues, and requirements of the buyers through the content. Content creation is the first step to lure customers into completing a purchase.

Your blog articles should contain investigational and intent keywords. All the keywords that customers use on Google search engine to research about a product are essential to include for generating revenue.

Promoting your affiliate product intelligently in the content

Now that you have invested a good amount of time curating the content, it’s time to finally use it to your advantage. When promoting affiliate products, you should select topics that revolve around the audience. The blog article could be addressing your buyers’ problem or giving a solution to the challenge they are facing.

Including affiliate links to the products is where you will start in this step. How you are going to add the links depends on the articles you have posted on your website. For instance, adding 5 affiliate links that direct to 5 different products on a specific product review will leave a bad impression.

On the contrary, if you are writing a general article, talking about top solutions; adding different product links is appropriate here. Who knows your buyer like a solution and opens the affiliate link to make a purchase?

Here an effective strategy to opt for, when inserting affiliate links:

Add links in the starting paragraphs

If you are doing a product review, make sure you provide its affiliate link in the starting paragraphs. You do not want a user losing interest just because they can’t find the link to the product. Similarly, if you are showcasing different products, make sure you add the affiliate links at the top.

Insert affiliate links where necessary

Inserting affiliate links to irrelevant content might seem inappropriate for the readers. It impacts the user experience badly and one might think of you like a trap to make sales. Adding links, again and again, might cost you lost sales.

Make the whole website a working space

Affiliate links do not only belong in the content. You can use sidebar widgets, inline headings, and floating bars to promote the affiliate products. Not only does this enhance your website and content but also attract buyers who do not have time to read the blog articles.

Before inserting affiliate links, it’s best to invest in an affiliate plug-in. Imagine having expired links across your website. Removing and sorting out expired affiliate links waste your time as well as profit.

Converting traffic into affiliate customers

Novice affiliate marketers struggle to drive traffic to their website in the hope to make tons of profits. Well, it’s not the right strategy for affiliate marketing, which is great news.

Let’s say you are making 100$ off each sale. However, the conversion rate is 3%. For every 10 visitors, only 3 of them are buying the product. The cost per click is quite low.

Suppose you send half of the visitors to the product’s website. If your Cost per click value increases, the revenue you generate increases too. But what’s the advantage of it? You won’t have to worry about driving in heavy traffic. All you have to do is go with an optimization campaign to generate more revenue.

Using an optimization channel can help you convert the traffic into potential customers.

How can optimization software help you?

Here’s how you can use the optimization software to boost your revenue:

You can create a pop-up campaign to market your affiliate product

Pop-up strategies work and no affiliate marketer denies this fact. Pop-up notifications are easiest to create when it comes to grabbing the visitors’ attention and increasing the conversion rate.

You can use a wide variety of templates to create the right pop-up notification campaign for your affiliate product. Send the right message to your visitors for more sales. Top digital brands use pop-up campaigns to increase their revenue by 30%.

Targeting is the most important aspect to consider whenever you want a pop-up notification to work. Understanding user intent is important for every affiliate marketer. Thanks to software, pop-up notifications can appear at the right time, in front of the users. The best time to show a pop-up is when a visitor is entering or leaving your website.

Increase affiliate revenue by using your email list

Believe it or not, email marketing is still one of the best ways to generate revenue. Yes, search engine optimization is good until you are on Google’s first change. One change in Google’s algorithms and your rankings sink.

Paid advertisements also bring results but only if you have a budget. Despite investing money, ads need attention and constant care to keep the conversion rate stable.

The traffic that you get by your email list is genuine. They are the people who know your niche, have an interest in it, and have already visited your website. They will make excellent customers for affiliate marketing. However, novice marketers struggle to grow their email list to the point where monetizing it makes sense.

Similarly, you can use targeted campaigns to grow your email list. You have the option to create targeted welcome mats, floating bars, inclined, and much more, to entice customers and to score new leads.

It is one of the simplest ways to get the email addresses of your visitors and form a strong email list.

Optimizing existing site traffic for generating revenue

Now, this trick is driven by the 80/20 rule. The rule states that 20% of your content will be responsible for generating 80% of your profit. It’s a basic principle and the metrics but here’s the deal:

Identifying high-converting or most-engaged content can be optimized to convert more visitors into affiliate customers.

There’s always a star video or a post that resonates with site visitors or your audience. You can optimize it and use it in a targeted campaign to drive affiliate sales. Working smart with the content is better than blindly targeting an audience through campaigns that you are not sure of. But, how do you get started?

Head to your Google Analytics dashboard and observe all the articles that bring you the most visitors. Once you have targeted those articles, use targeted campaigns for spreading across a bigger audience.

Can you earn a stable income with affiliate marketing?

The answer to this question is a big YES! You can earn passive income and even a full-time salary while working from home. Like all business ventures, money does not come from what we do but what we do consistently and correctly. When you initially put in hard work into affiliate marketing, there’s no stopping you from making money.

What are some requirements to make money from affiliate marketing?

First, there are personal requirements and then business requirements. Let’s talk about business requirements first as this is what you are here for!

To start with, you need an affiliate marketing offer to show what marketing skills you have got. If you have no product in mind, you can go to an affiliate network. They match you with brands that have potential products but lack the skills of promoting them. This is where your job starts. You will be promoting offers and products that you do not have any right to but will earn a commission-based salary for the sales you make.

After the offer, you need the traffic to impress the affiliate product owner. You can either use your way to get visitors or pay a third-party to drive heavy traffic to your website.

People who earn fortunes with affiliate marketing are not the best, the most analytical, or the most creative. They go by the trends and have a healthy yet effective affiliate marketing strategy in mind.

What’s the average income of an affiliate marketer?

There’s a significant dispersion when it comes to stating the average income of an affiliate marketer. However, if you fully commit yourself to this work, you can expect to earn between $1000- $10,000 per month.


Affiliate marketing might seem like child’s play from far but you have to work with patience and creativeness until you reach the arrival point. One has to put in lots of effort before he can expect earning a passive income enough to pay leisure bills.

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