affiliate marketing tips for beginners

Affiliate marketing can be a great source of generating revenue. However, the key to maximize your passive earnings is to engage readers and provide additional value to your content as well as affiliate links. When it comes to traditional marketing, you get the payment based on the number of clicks and impressions. Affiliate links only earn if a certain action is performed by a website visitor.

The action might be as simple as submitting your postal zip code or signing up for the email newsletter. Regardless of the compelling content, you curate, you can’t get paid if users do not get actions on your website.

That being said, novice affiliate marketers need tips and tricks to provide value to the readers while urging them to take action on their websites.

Affiliate marketing tips for beginners

Here are some tips for guaranteed business in the affiliate industry:

Choose a suitable niche

Traditional and affiliate marketers are forced to focus on one niche, nowadays. Why? One must be specific in what affiliate products he is promoting on the blog. Whenever you build a website, you aim to build an audience that engages with your content.

Choosing a suitable niche will not only narrow down your target audience but will help you follow your passion while mastering affiliate marketing.

One niche further divides into sub-categories. Therefore, you must provide equal attention and light to each category. Make your blog page a full-fledged source of content and information. Your content should be intriguing so the people remember you whenever they make a buying decision.

Apart from the content you curate, the audience will also be interested in the following:

  • How the product benefits the mass audience
  • The type of affiliate products you are promoting
  • Merits and demerits of the affiliate products you have mentioned in your blog
  • Advantages and disadvantages of buying the affiliate products from you
  • Your personal experience pertaining to the affiliate products you are promoting
  • Monthly subscription and package details of the service you are promoting
  • Pricing of the affiliate products

It is very easy to build blogs around these topics. All you have to do is choose your niche and start building an audience.

There’s always a niche for someone that resonates with their personality. It’s best to choose the niche in which you are most comfortable. Otherwise, you would make it complicated for the readers, potential buyers, and yourself.

If you are searching for inspiration, there are many websites very dedicated to the niche they have chosen. For example, Nootriment is an affiliate website dedicated to promoting nutrient tablets and supplements, as the name suggests. The website’s strategy is to curate new content using targeted keywords. Moreover, they use affiliate product links everywhere in their content.

If you visit their blog, you would find everything related to nutrients, proteins, diet, supplements, diet supplements, vitamins, deficiencies, advantages of taking supplements, etc.

Likewise, every successful affiliate website is associated with one niche. You won’t find a website for electronic gadgets promoting dog food.

Get to know your audience

Novice affiliate marketers are unaware of the impact of the audience when it comes to making profits off marketing. It’s most important to know your audience before promoting the products. How will you portray or promote the product if you do not know who your audience is? You must know your audience’s interests and dislikes to move forward in affiliate marketing.

Consider buyers’ issues, problems, and wonder why they follow your blog. Do they need any help from you? Make sure the affiliate products you mention in your blog are dedicated to helping them in some way.

For example, if you write about electronic gadgets and what they have to offer, do not add dog food products in the affiliate links. Use the links appropriately. The readers follow you because of your niche. Staying true to your niche is the first step to becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

Do thorough keyword research

Planning to add user-intent keywords can increase the traffic as well as affiliate sales. You succeeded to find a niche, you know what products to promote and the trending topics to write about. But how will your content reach a wide base of audience? That’s where thorough keyword research rescues you.

If one of your keywords on the website starts trending on Google, you can get free Google traffic while ranking high. No marketing tactics are involved here. All you have to do is study the pattern of how keywords trend on Google.

It’s best to use a paid keyword research tool to find out the best-performing words in your niche.

Curate compelling and relevant content

Valuable content creation is the key to becoming a successful affiliate marketer. If your content is not engaging, uncompelling, or has a lot of mistakes, it’s hard to engage the audience. Readers need to understand your context. Your content hides a message that you need to deliver for making affiliate sales.

With time on your hands, you can create exceptional content and make it resourceful and useful for all the readers out there.

For example, if you are writing reviews, they should not be contradicting to one’s beliefs. You must cover all the reasons stating why or why not should you invest in that product. Your content should be balanced, non-judgmental, and informed to make the audience’s buying-decisions easier.

Practice Search Engine Optimization religiously

Not following the SEO tips yet? It’s pointless to use keywords if you don’t spend sufficient time planning out the SEO practices. Your blog should be content-friendly. Curate content that Google loves to display on front search pages.

As for novice affiliate marketers, it’s best to use an SEO tool, such as Yoast. Some of the best SEO practices include guest posts, adding outbound links, using long-tail keywords, correct sentence structure, short sentences, etc.

Follow all the legal practices

You can’t ignore the legal matters concerning affiliate marketing. Nowadays, affiliate networks abide by all the legal regulations and urge affiliate marketers to do the same. If you are a novice affiliate marketer, you must look into all the legal guidelines and ensure that all the practice complies with the standard regulations.

If you want to pursue your career as a full-time affiliate marketer, it’s best to consult a lawyer or a professional practitioner. He might also guide you about the legal pages you need to have on your website.

Moreover, you must make all the FTC disclosures clear for the audience. If you are not clear about them, it is taken as a sign that you are deceiving people.

Mention affiliate disclaimers

Always add an affiliate disclosure before you mention any link. Some places in the blog where you can add disclaimers are:

  • Add affiliate disclosures while making a privacy policy for your website
  • Add affiliate disclosures in your emails
  • Mention hashtags when promoting affiliate links
  • Include affiliate disclosures on your articles
  • Add affiliate disclosures on widgets and sidebars
  • Sign up to quality affiliate networks

When signing up to affiliate networks, make sure you weigh the quality of products. Cheap products do not make high affiliate sales for a long time. Other than that, compare the commission rates and the support & management system you get to access.

Moreover, take a quick look at all the payment methods and the marketing material you would get from the brand. Do not sign up for a product with no marketing materials as it will double the work for you.

Testimonials and reviews are the best things to look up to when looking to work with a high-quality affiliate network.

Sign up for various affiliate marketing programs

Try different affiliate programs at a time. One might not work for you. Investing your time in another one is better than sitting idle and regretting your decision. Who knows the new affiliate program offers just the products your audience is looking for?

Trying out different affiliate programs is like dodging the risk and increasing your affiliate income. You might find an affiliate program with better commission rates, coupons, promotional ideas, and marketing material.

Promote products with personal experience

This is a must-follow tip for novice affiliate marketers. When you know a product from in and out, you can sell it better than anyone else. When starting affiliate marketing, make sure you promote the products which you have used. Do not select products on others’ recommendations. Or else, you would not be able to answer the audience’s queries properly.

You can give a detailed review of a product, including its pros, cons, features, etc. First and foremost, the goal of any affiliate marketer should be to gain a reader’s trust. Without trust, it’s hard for people to trust word of mouth.

If you have not tried a product but have a keen interest in it, you can request samples or use a trial/free subscription for a tool/software.

Engage with your audience

Throwing affiliate links inappropriately reduces traffic on the website and you end up making no sales. Before persuading them to buy, build a healthy relationship with them through persistent engagement. Respond to them in a gentle and natural tone. If possible, connect to them directly via private messages, social media platforms, and forums.

Write content that urges the audience to engage, like, and comment. At the end of the day, their feedback, comments, and reviews matter the most. One useful tip is to include CTA buttons at the end of blog articles. It will persuade the audience to perform actions.

Share the content everywhere

Do not expect your website to make you the sales you are expecting. Search engine optimized content is liked by every platform, including social media. Make use of the most successful content by linking it to social media platforms and emails. This will enable publishers to criticize your expertise and share it among their audiences.

If you are an expert, more and more people will look up to your content and follow your advice. Think about ways to generate revenue from your content.

Concentrate on existing visitors

You are considered a successful affiliate marketer if you have repeated visitors to your website. We do not buy at first sight. Before making a buying decision, we compare and weigh out the pros and cons of the products. It is known as informed purchasing. An expert affiliate marketer can hook the readers at their first visit by his content.

Focus more on existing readers. The possibility is, they will end up buying your products again. Repeated visitors also involve in referral marketing, which increases sales and makes your affiliate business prosper.

Plan a business-specific affiliate marketing strategy

Planning out a business-specific affiliate marketing strategy is a crucial step to become a successful affiliate marketer. The strategy includes selecting a niche, finding a reliable affiliate program, creating promotional ideas, building a strong audience, and finding ways to increase website traffic.

However, it is not as simple as it seems. For novice affiliate marketers, it is better to start with choosing the right content format, curating ideas for increased audience engagement, and making content search engine optimized.

Contact reliable affiliate managers

Reaching out to affiliate managers is the right of every marketer. As you are promoting the product and putting your blog at risk, you must know the details of the product. If the marketing material is not sufficient, you should reach out to the manager and get yourself acquainted.

Sometimes, the affiliate links are broken and do not work properly. If that’s the case with you, send them an email immediately. Try making a healthy work relationship with your manager. Managers can help you out with various things.


We did not invent new wheels of affiliate marketing. All the tips mentioned above are the fundamentals and implementing them will set you on the right path. However, you have to be patient. Do not expect to be earning a life-changing income in the first 2-3 years. Focus on making the first few affiliate sales successful. If your site grows, you will be generating a decent income in no time.


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